The state of Virginia needed a carbon steel, Green Saw Dust Material Handling System to transport green sawdust. They contracted Green Globe Services to custom design a material handling system that would transport their green saw dust to a holding silo. This system was required to meet strict customer-provided specifications, including approximately 800 pages of supplied engineering requirements, and included specific safety components including explosion panels and an automatic power off system that would trip at any fault. Since this system was going to be installed in an operating facility, we were required to integrate our drawings with 40 sets of existing plant drawings to design the final system.

Upon review of the models for this turnkey system, we observed an engineering issue that resulted in our designing of a new bridging beam to allow for placement of a bucket elevator system.

As part of our design process, we created 3-D models of the processing system and generated 2-D CAD assembly drawings. We were responsible for component procurement, PLC programming, training, and transport of the freight to the jobsite.

Twelve weeks after drawing approval, we delivered a completed design for a system that could receive material directly from live bottom trailers, included screw type conveyers that delivered the media to the bucket elevators, two continuous chain-type bucket elevators to carry the sawdust to the silos, reclaim augers that undercut the entire mass, delivering material to the center hopper, all at a delivery rate of 15cf/m.

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Custom Designed Material Handling System Highlights


Product Name:

Green Sawdust Material Handling System

Product Description:

This Material Handling System is used to transport green sawdust to the silos.

Custom Design Capabilities & Applied/Processes:

Provided addition engineering of a bridging beam which was required to place the bucket elevator system.
 Created 3-D models of processing system, utilizing SolidWorks
 Generate 2-D CAD assembly drawings
 System Design & Layout
 3D models
 Operating instructions
 Selected all materials and components
 Provided customer with a turn-key system
 PLC programming
 Freight to Jobsite Included

System Processes:

Unload live bottom trailers of green sawdust
 Screw type conveyors deliver the saw dust to the bucket elevators
 Two continuous chain type bucket elevators carries saw dust to the holding silos
 Reclaim augers undercut the entire mass, & deliver material to the center hopper
 Delivery rate of 15cf/m

Manufacturing Materials Used:

Carbon Steel


Green Saw Dust
 30-50% Moisture Content
 20 PCF Bulk Density


Any Fault Will Turn Control Power Off
 Explosion Panels

Delivery Time:

2 Weeks for Approval Drawings
 12 Weeks for Shipment From Drawing Approval

Installation Location:

Roanoke, Virginia

Standards Met:

Customer supplied specifications
 800 Pages of supplied engineered specifications
 FTP site required analysis of40 sets of existing plant drawings.