Green Globe Services was contracted by a customer in the power generation industry to custom design a material handling system for a coal fired bio-mass system. The customer required a full, turn-key design that was ready to build. This system employed eight belt systems, some as long as 82', and up to 48" wide, driven by electric motors up to 10 HP.

Components and materials where selected, and 3-D models were created utilizing Solidworks.Upon completion of a finite element analysis, we developed rigging and erection documentation, and began the materials procurement process.

Within 12 weeks of receiving drawing approval from the customer, Green Globe Services delivered a comprehensive system design consisting of: a channel-framed, 5 HP unloading belt measuring 42"x30'; a suspended electromagnetic self-cleaning cross belt; a 36"x60' 10 HP truss belt with 35 degree troughing idlers; a metal detector with flip gate; five specifically designed belt conveyers; two 10 HP 36" wide drag conveyers; a vibratory pan and belt discharge that feeds across the drag conveyer; 11 plugged chute switches; and 8 transition chutes.

Our completed design met our strict standards, as well as those put forth by the customer. To learn more about this project or how we can design the right system for your needs, contact Green Globe Services.


Highlights of this Custom Designed Coal Fired Bio-Mass System


Product Name:

Coal Fired Bio-Mass System  

Product Description:

This coal fired bio-mass system is used to fire the saw dust created.  
Custom Design Capabilities & Applied/Processes: Created 3-D models of bio-mass system utilizing SolidWorks Selected all materials and components
  System Design & Layout Provide turn-key system
  Finite element analysis (FEA) Component procurement
  Documentation: System programming
  3D models Rigging
  Assembly drawings Erection drawings
  Rigging drawings  

Components of System:

Unloading Belt Suspended Electromagnet Self-Cleaning Cross Belt
  42” Wide @ Belt Discharge
  30’ Long Even feeds Across the Drag Conveyor
  Channel Frame Drag Conveyor
  5HP 36” Wide
  Vibratory Pan 10HP
  Truss Belt Belt Conveyor
  36” Wide 24” Wide
  60’ Long 20’ Long
  35 Troughing Idlers Channel Frame
  10HP 5HP
  Metal Detector w/ Flip gate Belt Conveyor
  Belt Conveyor 24” Wide
  24” Wide 82’ Long
  70’ Long Truss Frame
  Truss Frame 7.5HP
  10HP Plugged Chute Switches (11)
  Drag Conveyor Transition Chutes (8)
  36” Wide 65’ Long
  10HP Truss Frames
  Belt Conveyor (2) Wraparound Head Platform
  24” Wide 7.5 HP Each


Saw Dust  

Industry for Use:

Power Generation  

Delivery Time:

Drawings: 3-4 weeks after receipt of contract approval
  Fabrication: 10-12 Weeks after drawing approval

Installation Location:

Dresden, New York  

Standards Met: