Green Globe Services can supply you with a pneumatic 8 way diverter which utilizes an internal 45 degree sweep that rotational indexes via proximity switches to the correct output line.  This unit is a compact method of adding versatility to your pneumatic inventory system.  Call us for more details on pneumatic diverter products that are available and we will walk you through which item is best for your needs.<--break->

For gravity applications

Heavy-duty carbon steel construction

Narrow profile for ease of installation in restricted areas

Steel liner deflects material away from seals and rollers

6"-24" square or rectangular sizes

Bulk material valve for power plant fly ash systems, cement plant conveying and silo lines, transporter fill, discharge and vent valves, or pneumatic conveying

Positive Material seal-up

External seals can be replaced while gate remains in service

Custom inlet and outlets

6"-16" diameter steel metal material contract

Diverter valves from Everlasting Value Company are used to converge two lines into one. Handles dry solids and slurries; Ideal when conveying or pumping to multiple vessels or storage silos.

Diverter valves process type with two outlet ports. May be used to converge two lines. Pressure, temperatures and construction as before mentioned. Full ported; abrasion resistant; self lapping metal sealing surfaces

Positive material and air shut off for accurate scale

Spread stack design provides better material and air separation for reduced full times

Stackable design allows easy installation of up to three diverter assemblies

Available in 2" through 6" sizes in stainless steel construction

Positive material and air seal-vacuum or pressure-up to 15 PSIG

Eliminates material cross contamination

Available with choice of all stainless steel metal material contact

Available in 2" through 8" tube and pipe sizes

Dual gate design permits material shut off to either outlet and allows diversion on flowing material

Internal ledges have been minimized to eliminate material cross contamination

Choice of carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction

Available in 5" through 18" sizes with round or square inlets and outlets

Positive Material seal-up

Mechanically self cleans

Wear compensating seals

Unrestricted material flow 

No ledges or open chest areas

2"-14" diameter sizes with choice of tube or pipe connections

Process Valves from Everlasting Valve Company are used for reactor loading, lockhoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, vessel discharge, and slurry applications.