Bulk material valve for power plant fly ash systems, cement plant conveying and silo lines, transporter fill, discharge and vent valves, or pneumatic conveying

Applications for our bulk material valve include:

  • Power plant fly ash systems
  • Cement plant conveying and silo lines
  • For transporter fill
  • Discharge and vent valves in any gravity or pneumatic conveying of dry, abrasive, or erosive media

This compact valve that performs where others require repairing or replacing more than once a year. Shearing of disc and seat edges clean sealing surfaces.


Bulk Material Valve Specifications

Seats and Disc

Cast 440 C Stainless Steel, hardened

Temperature range

450oF; Carbon Steel 550oF; special design 750oF

Body material

Cast Iron; Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel


Flanged; 125# drilled Flat Face


Air cylinder; Linear


Limit switches;
Solenoid; Fail Safe (air reservoir type)