Ventilex Steam Pasteurization Systems are effective on reducing or eliminating pathogens, bacteria, and other food-borne illness and problems. This Pasteurizer is effective for Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and many other pathogens and bacteria.

The key to the Ventilex Continuous Pasteurizer is in the distribution of super-heated saturated steam. Ventilex has designed a special distribution plate that fluidizes the product to be pasteurized, and thus allows for all product surfaces to be treated equally. Steam then condenses on the surface of the product, and the condensation energy transfer is what kills the unwanted pathogen or bacteria.

  • Pasteurization by steam - a renewable, natural resource.
  • High Temperature - Short Time Processing (HTST) - little or no change in taste, color, or texture.
  • Repeatable and verifiable with the use of Data Logging and advanced PLC instrumentation.
  • Ability to add moisture - thus increasing profits or conditioning "too dry" products

Washing or cleaning of the surface as a bonus side effect! Squeaky clean product!

Ventilex has been in the business of Pasteurization of products such as nuts, spices, and herbs for over 14 years. Ventilex purchased the technology from processing giant Stork BV, and has been building on the original design ever since... refining the controls, the replication, and the equipment