Laidig Dome, Bin, Tank and Silo Reclaim Systems

Laidig Reclaimers can be fit into existing silos and tanks; It is often more economical and advantageous to build a silo to fit the needs of the new reclaimer. Green Globe Services offers state of the art storage solutions including smoothwall steel tanks, Drive-Thru silos, Laidig Dyna-Flow™ Systems, galvanized and corrugated bins, and monolithic concrete silos.

Advantages of Each Structure

Smoothwall Steel Tanks

  • For strong yet aesthetic structures

  • Bolted tanks up to 70' diameter

  • Welded tanks up to 16' diameter

  • Hopper-bottom tanks up to 32' diameter with 30º to 60º cones


Drive-Thru Silos

  • For fast, safe, and efficient load out

  • Streamline truck or rail load out

  • Fully automated push-button control

LaidigDyna-Flow™ Systems

  • Designed to accommodate dynamic loads

  • Incorporates side-loading considerations

  • Easy access for service ways

Galvanized and Corrugated Bins

  • The economical solution for low density material

  • Available from 6' to 105' diameter

  • Extra-heavy duty stiffeners to resist moving loads

Monolithic Concrete Silos

  • Built for high-strength and large capacities

  • Jumpform silos 90' diameter available

  • Slipform up to 146' diameter

  • Elevated floors option