Sifting, scalping, classifying, and dewatering applications benefit from the versatility and range of screening products available to customize each vibratory separator for specific end results. Multiple screening decks are available for simultaneous separation. Screeners can range in size anywhere from 24” to 60” and above, with a wide range of screen meshes that are equally effective in wet or dry applications.

Self-contained production screening machines for separating dry materials according to particle size. Through gyrating movement of the near-horizontal screen surface and a positive screen mesh cleaning system, they are able to provide unusually high efficiency and capacity. Material enters at the top where it is distributed over the entire width of the screen surface and conveyed toward the discharge end. Larger particles remain above the screen surface, while smaller particles pass through.

High Capacity Screeners were originally designed as a type of sand screen for frac sand market. However, today they are used in numerous applications that require high volume, extremely accurate sizing. Standard applications include ceramics, sand, bulk powders, chemicals, pellets and minerals.