When global scrap prices are high. Sims is able to load and export 500 tons of scrap per day into 20ft shipping containers using a single A-Ward container loader.

Our challenge

Sims Pacific Metals challenged A-Ward to supply versatile container loader to enable extremely fast loading of export scrap metal into 20ft shipping containers. Sims wanted to be able to rapidly turn around high volumes of scrap when global scrap prices were favorable and not have mountains of scrap clogging up their yards and putting pressure on cash flow. Sims also requested that the container loaders have the ability to be moved very easily between stockpiles, to be particularly robust and have considerable weighing accuracy.

What we did

A-Ward Supplied 20ft Long Front 90 degree container loaders to Sims. this container loader design is highly versatile with its ability to have containers inserted with either trailers or forklifts. As well as painting the container loaders in ‘Sims Blue’, A-Ward also provided a number of accessories including digital scale, hands free remote control, hydraulic door opening and closing arms, diesel power pack and upgraded wheels to enable movements around the yard.


With a single A-Ward container loader, Sims is able to load 500 tons of scrap metal per day into 20ft shipping containers. By having the option of empty container insertion with forklifts, Sims is able to maintain stocks of empty containers in sites, significantly speeding up the container loading process. By loading containers at 90 degrees, Sims is able to maximize container load weights. The digital scale ensures that operators do not over fill or under fill; avoiding the significant time and costs involved in going back to add more scrap or take it out. Sims is now one of A-Ward’s largest global container loader customers with more than a dozen A-Ward container loaders.

Loading Scrap Metal Container for Exporting