A-Ward container unloaders enable immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers and remove the reliance on expensive and scarce tilting trailers.

Maximize profitability by shipping plastic resin in shipping containers with single container liner bags.

Loading shipping containers at 90 degrees using a single liner bag enables companies to fill 100% of a container’s volume, therefore maximizing freight efficiency and loading speed. Further benefits to exporters include minimizing contamination risks associated with handling and loading many small bags and being able to weigh the containers during the loading process.

Plastic resin users are able to significantly increase profitability by importing and handling containerized resin directly using A-Ward container unloaders. Resin importers are also able to significantly reduce labor involved with the unloading process and maximize the unloading speed of each container.

Plastic Resin Industry

Plastic resin producers (including polymers such as PET resin) maximize container weights and ensure material is contamination-free when using an A-Ward container loader to load shipping containers. When loading resin into tilted-up shipping containers using a single container liner bag contamination problems associated with handling many small bags are avoided. Resin users are able to unload shipping containers extremely quickly using an A-Ward container unloader with a single container liner bag. Other benefits to resin users include significantly reduced labor, being able to unload resin directly from the container into the storage hopper and minimizing contamination associated with handling many small bags on wooden pallets.