The Model 1250 Metal detector is the most sensitive metal detector of all the Model 1200 series. it is suited for installation on conveyor belts carrying coal, minerals, aggregates and other bulk materials. the Model 1250 is available with two controls, E-1 and E-6.

the modular design of the Model 1250 Md makes it easy to install without having to cut the belt or utilize special tools. the field replaceable electronics are also easy to operate and maintain.<--break->

E-1 Control Sensitivity:

  • Can be tuned to ignore conductive ores such as gold, copper or zinc, while still detecting small pieces of tramp metal
  • Available in nearly any belt width and is factory customized to fit a customer’s conveyor
  • Capable of detecting a ferrous cube as small as 2% of the coil spacing

E-6 Control Sensitivity:

  • Typically used in food, glass and plastic recycling, wood chips and paper pulp applications, which demand the highest possible sensitivities, while remaining immune to moisture, salt and other product effects
  • Can be built to fit nearly all belt widths and conveyor configurations
  • Capable of detecting a ferrous cube as small as 1.5% of the coil spacing