Eriez’ new MegatecTM Metal Detector is a rugged, lightweight and compact unit designed for use in coal, coke, aggregate plants and many other processing facilities.

The detection system operates by measuring the change in the received electro–magnetic signal of material being conveyed through the metal detector aperture. If the signal is larger than the detection threshold of the metal detector, a detection will occur.

Most companies are interested in protecting downstream equipment (e.g. crushers, grinders, etc.) from large damaging tramp metal (one inch [2.54 mm] and larger) and are not concerned about smaller metal pieces. Detecting these smaller pieces would be “nuisance trips” interrupting operation. With the uniform sensitivity of the Model 1220 Metal Detector, these requirements will be met.

The MegatecTM fits on most standard CEMA conveyors with belt widths from 24 to 48 inches (609.6 mm to 1219.2 mm) and has an adjustable aperture height of 22 inches (558.8 mm), accommodating a maximum burden depth of 18 inches (457.2 mm).

The coils, encased in high–strength fiberglass, are supported by fiberglass vertical uprights.


  • 25–foot (7.62 meters) long cable
  • All solid–state integrated circuits
  • Immune to effects of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • No balancing or tuning required
  • Easily installed
  • Conveyor belt does not need to be cut to install metal detector
  • Uniform sensitivity
  • Timed output relays
  • Field replaceable modules
  • LED diagnostic monitor to indicate status of circuits
  • Accommodates conveyor speeds from 60 to 1000 FPM
  • No periodic maintenance needed
  • Fail–safe control circuit
  • Self–analysis circuits monitor logic of detection circuit