Ventilex Fluid Bed Coolers will take a product either dried in a fluid bed, rotary or other type of dryer, and cool the product to near ambient conditions with just ambient air. By using conditioned or chilled air via a heat exchanger or other source, product can be cooled or in some cases, freeze dried.

Ventilex has the most efficient Fluid Bed Coolers around, making them the ideal choice for cooling products just prior to storage or packaging. Fluid Bed Coolers from Ventilex can also save on drying energy costs by making use of Evaporative Cooling.

  • Cooling your product to within 10 degrees of ambient conditions with ambient air.
  • Low energy use and also recovery of latent heat for make up air or other processes.
  • Very few moving parts = low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to clean - available in CIP, Sanitary, and Dairy designs.
  • Ventilex Shaking Design - same as Fluid Bed Dryers - Assures First-in, First-Out processing.

Ventilex Fluid Bed Coolers are an efficient, cost saving way to cool your product. The Ventilex drive system is simple, yet extremely robust, and offer years of low maintenance operation. Because the Fluid Bed Cooler has a "plug flow" design, first-in, first-out product cooling occurs. This gives you the ability to discharge product for storage or packaging without fears of condensation or other ill effects.