Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers are some of the most efficient dryers made in the world. Efficiencies can approach nearly 100%, making use and re-use of all the energy. Fluidizing creates the most efficient heat transfer method available. By utilizing advanced PLC controls, algorithms, fast acting sensors, and predictive drying curves, Ventilex can pin-point accurately the finial moistures desired.

  • Highest Temperature Design in a Fluid Bed Dryer - Can reach 600 C / 1112  F Drying Air Temperature.
  • Low Gravity Acceleration Design - No cracks, compaction of insulation,  broken bolts, or problem areas.
  • Plug Flow Product Transport - First in, First Out.
  • Exact control over Final Moisture of your Product. Advanced PLC and  Instrumentation.
  • Low, Low Maintenance, Payback in Energy Savings in a short time over  Rotary and other dryer types.

Ventilex Engineers, in cooperation with Green Globe Services, can design and build all major aspects of our Fluid Bed Dryer Systems. We incorporate the highest quality, most efficient burners and heat recovery systems available. We use the best high pressure direct coupled fans (no belts!), manufacture our own dust collectors and cyclones with efficiencies of 99.98% or higher. We design each fluid bed dryer to be compact, making best use of available space. Our fluid bed dryers are always manufactured EXACTLY for the application. In most cases, the energy savings over old Rotary Dryer technology is 40 to 60 %. This usually means a payback on energy for the cost of the equipment in 2 years or less.