Pneumatically separate solids from air quickly with no moving parts.  Cyclones are ideal for products that are not susceptible to breakage or are highly abrasive.  To size and model your exact unit calculations will be performed and drawings will be generated based on the materials particle size, bulk density, transfer rate in tons per hour (TPH), preferred outlet size, head height limitations, materials of construction, mounting configuration, cleaning preferences, and particle separation cut size.  High efficiency cyclones are equipped with tangential inlets and outlets as well as an internal vortex finder.  Square to round transitions and orientation of the inlets in relation to the outlets will be determined per request.  Cyclones are often used in conjunction with dust collection units to reduce the burden on the dust collection system, which in turn reduces the number of bags and overall size required.  The second reason to use a dust collector in conjunction with a cyclone is to ensure that the finer material that carries over from the cyclone is taken out of the air stream before being emitted.