A-Ward container unloaders enable immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers and remove the reliance on expensive and scarce tilting trailers.

A-Ward’s container unloaders enable extremely fast unloading of 40ft shipping containers for a range of bulk materials. This unique system will increase productivity in your operation while improving safety and allowing you to eliminate contamination risks caused by double handling the imported material.

The hands free remote control included with A-Ward container unloaders enables the unloading process to be controlled safely with a single operator; minimizing labor costs. For companies wanting to unload their material slowly or at a certain time in the future, full containers can be stored in the container unloader and unloaded when desired. Shipping containers can be inserted into the container unloaders either directly with a standard trailer or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker.

A-Ward container unloaders can be offered with a range of standard accessories or customized options to suit different customers, including hydraulic lifting options to enable unloading at a greater height.

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