With our revolutionary 20 Foot Container Loader you can considerably reduce the loading time of containers and create an efficient, safe and profitable operation.

A-Ward’s container tilters enable fast loading of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers for a range of bulk materials. This unique system will increase productivity in your operation while improving safety and allowing you to achieve maximum container weight loads using the built-in scale system.

Loading 20ft and 40ft shipping containers at 90 degrees enables companies to fill 100% of a container’s volume, therefore optimizing freight efficiency. Shipping containers can be inserted into the container loaders either directly with a standard trailer or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker.

A-Ward container loaders can be offered with a range of standard accessories or customized options to suit different customers, including a transport kit to relocate the machine and an access ladder & platform to give the operator safe access to the top of the tilted container.

To get more information on these container loaders send an email to info@greenglobeservices.com, or give us a call at 301-483-8552