At GGS, we focus on handling, conveying, screening, magnetic separation, air classification, drying, storing, blending, mixing, agitating and metering for bulk solids. We provide quality products and services for customers in need of bulk material equipment.

Green Globe Services has a long-standing history of quality resources and successful business relationships. Green Globe Services provides representation of manufacturers & equipment for bulk material handling, processing, and pollution control.

There are many reasons to use Green Globe Services to satisfy your needs.

  • We're independent and we select the best equipment for the job.
  • We have many years of cross-industry experience and bring innovative, customized and complete solutions to the table.
  • Our worldwide network.
  • Every member of our organization is committed to providing quality solutions to help optimize the effectiveness of your organization.
  • We are careful, cost-efficient and considerate of your company's best interest.

Process Areas (Our Focus): 

  • Air Classification
  • Blending / Mixing / Agitating
  • Bulk Storage / Flow
  • Drying / Cooling
  • Handling / Conveying
  • Magnetic Separation & Inspection Systems
  • Metering
  • Screening / Size Classification
  • Valves

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GGS Capabilities and Expertise:

A - Projects Completed

Material(s) Processed

Processing Type



Train Unloading

4" Minus Wood

Unloading, Storage, Milling, Metering into Boiler


Walking Floor Trailer Loading


Unloading, Storage, Injection for Air Pollution Control

Pulverized Lime

Large Scale Storage Silos

Powder Activated Carbon

Designed Activated Carbon Receiving and Grinding

Fluid Cracking Catalyst

Spent Catalyst Loadout

Coffee Chaff

Chaff Waste Densification for Fuel

Pulverized Limestone

Inject of Lime into Coal Mine for Safety



Construction Demo Waste

Mixed Neutralizing Agent with Waste, Storage, and Loadout

Waste Fiber Material plus Post Consumer Plastic

Making Architectural Doors

Recovery of Powdered Drink from Packaging

Shred, Convey, Recycle and Reclaim

Recovery of Tea Leaves from Defecting Bags

Shred, Convey, Recycle and Reclaim

Biodegradable Polymer

Pneumatic Conveying, Desification of Polymer Fluff, and Train Loadout


Minerals/ Construction Materials

Ferro Alloys

Crushing Screening Packaging

Alpha Gypsum

Made from Waste Synthetic Gypsum


Storage, Air Filtrations, and Convey for Fuel Source


Ingredient Bin Storage, and Feeding to Cement Mill

Alumina Powder

Front End Loading Bulk Receiving, Storage, and Convey to Reactor

Silica Gel

Max Mass Flow Storage Silo Hoppers

Frac Sand

Plant Design Consulting

Gypsum Powder

Conveying and Mixing

Alumina Chemicals

Bulk Bag Unloading, Metering, Mixing

Cat Litter

Conveying, Storage, Blending, and Packaging

Fine Bulk Powders

Ship Transloading Hopper to Trucks

Tile Grout

Blending System

Pulverized Limestone

Mineral Filler for Plastics Injection Molding


Dust Collection and Dense Phase Conveying



Spent Vanilla Beans

Solvent Extraction

Spice Blends

Super Sack Filling Stations

Whey Protein

Prototype Bulk Dumping Fluidization

Chocolate Covered Mints

Chocolate Mint Manufacturing Plant


Spice Plant Industrial Engineering

Coffee Roasted - Whole and Ground

Cleaning, Weighing, Packaging, Conveying

Coffee Green Beans

Unloading, Blending, Roasting, and Packaging


Dense Phase Conveying

Edible Fiber

Milling, Blending, Weighing, Packaging of Food Grade Fibers

Bakery Protein Mixes

Complete Blending Plant


Beverage Industry


Unloading, Storage, Batch Mixing


Fermentation Loading

Evaporated Milk Mixes

Cyclone Design


B - Existing Project Technology Partnerships

Non-Food Waste Cellulose Material - eg Bagasse

Convert Plant Matter into Fuel, and Paper Pulp

Coal and Oil

Conversion of Coal to Oil Process

Chicken Waste

Gasification and Co-Generation


Green Globe Services provides Process Equipment & Engineering Services for Bulk Material Handling applications. GGS can provide a complete solution for the processing of bulk materials. We get the job done, whatever it takes!