GGS's Brendan Cook is spending some of his time this summer raising money for a new program he is starting with the Living Classrooms Foundation.  The drive behind the program is to expose top achievers from the LCF's Charter School,  Crossroads School, to engineering and manufacturing before entering High School.  The Crossroads School sends these top students to the best public and private high schools in the Baltimore/Washington region. The Crossroads School is vital to advancing the education and development of their students as well as exposing them to abundant opportunities.

Update Photo from 2014 Plant Tour at a local olive oil processor, Shawn Flaherty of Living Classrooms, Elyse Allen, Q&A Manager of Pompeian, and Brendan Cook of GGS.

Brendan Cook Eylse Allen Shawn Flaherty and Students

The program's goal will be the enrollment of some of these students to Top 4 Year Engineering Schools around the country.  We feel that their connection to Baltimore's manufacturing base at a young age will lead to the creation of future leaders and innovators in our region and beyond. 

The Program will encompass a wide range of disciplines in an exciting way helping spark the minds of the children.

Plant Tours, Process Demonstrations, Lessons on Industrial Processes, Equipment Basics, Technological Advancements, Safety and General Guidelines of behavior inside these facilities will all be built into the program.  GGS's President Chris Wojcik will be helping lead some of these activities.


Please visit Brendan's fundraising page to learn more about how you can help advance this cause. If you would like to purchase tickets to Living Classroom's major fundraiser, Martitime Magic, please make sure to include Brendan Cook in the "include Rising Star" section.

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