Mon, 03/17/2014 - 10:56am

"Food Safety" has been a growing concern over recent years. More and more companies are looking for new ways to make their food processing facilities more safe and less likely to become contaminated with bacteria or other food related viruses. We realize that it is a big concern to keep processing facilities as clean as possible while also resisting bacteria's. At "Green Globe Services", we are taking this matter very seriously and looking for new ways to make food processing facilties safer and more clean. This is why we decided to add the "Dynaclean Sanitary Belt Conveyor" to our product selection. We believe this conveyor is the future of the food processing industry. It is the cleanest conveyor on the market today and is also made with bacteria resistant materials. It is also the fastest conveyor to be disassembled for cleaning. This fast disassemble will decrease cleaning time and increase production time, making the producer more money. "Green Globe Services" will continue to find the newest technologies in "Food Safety" so we can supply them to the manufacturing and food processing community. We are also offering products in the "Food Metal Detection and X-ray categories. If you are looking to make your production facility more safe, contact us and well do everything to help.

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