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These stainless steel tanks are fabricated to order allowing for complete customization for your application. However don't expect to wait 12-14 weeks for your stainless steel mixing tank. MixerDirect through a pre-engineering process, can deliver your tank in less than half that time. Just submit your specifications , and we can modify a standard stainless steel tank design, get you a drawing to approve, you sign it and away we go. Standard tanks drain through the bottom mount 2NPT half coupling. There are many options from 316SS construction and #4 polish, to mixer brackets, custom fittings, dimple jackets, and level gauges. If you really need a tank fast contact us to see if your application qualifies for a three week delivery in our expedite program for stainless steel mixing tanks.However, we don't just specialize in getting you a stainless steel tank fast, but give you options and ideas to improve your stainless steel mixing tank that you may have not considered. In over a decade of experience, designing thousands of stainless steel tanks with agitators or without, for hundreds of different industries, our engineering department can not only build what you specify, but can add the value of new solutions. Many can fabricate stainless steel mixing tanks, but very few can turn your tank challenge into an innovative success.

Heating or cooling your mixing tanks can be a constant struggle. Stainless steel tanks can require ASME certification at certain temperatures and pressures. If heating dead spots must be eliminated in your stainless steel tank, MixerDirect has an innovative bottom dimple jacket that does just that with still one inlet and outlet on the tank. Our fiberglass insulation and stainless sheathing insure a spectacular finish and increased safety. Another challenge in stainless steel mixing tanks is applying the correct surface finish. MixerDirect can work with you to find the right finish for your application. We can achieve something as precise as a single digit Ra finish with passivation and electropolish, to something as cost effective as a 2B mill finish and anything in between. Achieving the right surface finish is crucial to limit bacterial growth in biological applications and cleaning time in all applications. Call us at (443) 863-8269 (or contact us through the website and we'll get back with you in the same business day. Liquid & Dry Bulk Tanks

Green Globe Services Inc. Now handles all Bulk Storage and Handling needs. We now offer Bulk Storage Solutions for the following industries:

  • Grain
  • Dry Bulk
  • Liquid Bulk
  • Food Grade Tanks
  • Pharmaceutical

We have the best solutions for your Bulk Storage needs. Give us a call or send us an email for your quote on a customized Tank or Silo.

We can handle all of your grain storage needs. We also do bulk liquid storage. Getting a quote is easy.

Get a Quote on a New Storage Tank:

  1. Send your inquiry to our sales email.
  2. Let us know what size, material and any other specifications you need for your project.
  3. Receive the quote for the tank you need.
  4. Decide whether you want a purchase order or pick a different piece of equipment.

-You can also leave a voicemail with the specifications you need or send a text to
(443) 863-8269
Cell: 443-465-7497

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