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Green Globe Services, Inc. is an industrial process system integrator serving the needs of companies worldwide. We add value to our clients by providing the resources that enable them to innovate, process and move bulk materials. Our services range from manufacturer's representative to mechanical designers and integrators of complete material handling systems. We have a long standing history of successful business relationships and high quality products. Contact us today to see how we can help you on your next project.

Technical expertise includes:

Pneumatic Conveying, Process Tanks and Mixing, Size Reduction Machinery, Bulk Storage and Loading/Unloading Equipment, Valves and Flow Devices, Air Pollution Control

Whether you need Green Globe Services Inc. to be your sole source for the processing of bulk material or have a difficult piece of equipment to source, give us a call us to discuss your needs.

Contact Us today at 443 204-4885 or Request A Quote.

Most Recent Blog

With the new A-Ward container loading and unloading systems supplied by Green Globe Services, Inc. you can considerably reduce the loading time of containers and create an efficient, safe and profitable operation.

A-Ward’s container tilters enable fast loading of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers for a range of bulk materials. This unique system will increase productivity in your operation while improving safety and allowing you to achieve maximum container weight loads using the built-in scale system.